From the Gulf








          Shrimp                                                                    Grouper

        Grilled, Fried or BBQ Shrimp                                                              Lightly Dusted Fried Grouper


On a hoagie roll with 1 side                 $14.99                             On a hoagie roll with 2 side                 $16.99

Skewered or a fried with 2 sides         $16.99                             Grouper Fingers with 2 sides               $16.99












Crab Balls                                          Clam Strips

Like crab cakes but balls!                                                           Deep Fried to perfection

4 2oz. balls with 2 sides      $16.99                                       Served with your choice of 2 sides   $13.99



The Fried Platter

A combination of Clam Strips, 2 Crab Balls, 6 Shrimp,

a Swai Fish Filet and your choice of 2 sides




Meal Sides


Cole Slaw                                                                 Potato Salad                                                  Fries   

Baked Beans                                                   Deviled Egg Pasta Salad                                      Greens

                                                                               Brunswick Stew


                        Small Side Salad (Add $1.00)                                   Onion Rings (Add $2.00

                                                               Extra Bread (4 Slices)  $1.00