(Served with two regular side)














        Burgers and Such                                             From The Smoker

(Lettuce, tomato onion and pickle on the side)                                             (Served with pickles on the side)

      Please allow 20 minutes for burgers


Grilled Burger                                  $9.99                              Pulled Pork                                       $8.99

Grilled perfection served on a toasted                                                 Our Award Winning recipe piled on a

sourdough bun                                                                                           toasted  bun


Bacon Cheese Burger                    $11.99                              Beef Brisket                                   $12.99

Our burger with 3 strips of thick cut hickory                                         Smoked to perfection and thinly sliced on

smoked bacon and your choice of cheese                                           a toasted bun with lettuce and tomato


Stuffed Bleu Cheese Burger           $12.99                              Pulled Chicken                                $9.99

Our great burger stuffed with Bleu Cheese                                          Smoked with love and hand pulled on a

topped with more bleu cheese and bacon                                           sourdough bun














Beef Brisket Philly                         $11.99                               Smoked Sausage                             $9.99

Brisket thinly sliced with sautéed peppers,                                          A fresh Sausage hot off the smoker on a

onions, mushrooms and Provolone Cheese                                         Hoagie bun   



         Meal Sides


Cole Slaw                                                                 Potato Salad                                                  Fries   

Baked Beans                                                   Deviled Egg Pasta Salad                                      Greens

                                                                               Brunswick Stew


                        Small Side Salad (Add $1.00)                                   Onion Rings (Add $2.00

                                                               Extra Bread (4 Slices)  $1.00